New nests for eagles

New nest for eagles


During the February 21st and 22nd 2020., members and volunteers from BirdLife Serbia (Bird Protection and Study Sociecty of Serbia) have choose two old oak trees, one poplar and one acacia tree to set up 4 new nesting platforms for eagles near the Special Nature Reserve "Pastures of the Great Bustard", at Novi Knezevac municipality, Serbia.

Another mass poisoning of eagles, but now in a different way

A 2017-ben brodifakum mérgezésben elpusztult parlagi sas


In recent years, numerous illegal poisonings were discovered, and as in the last case that occurred three weeks ago, all of those targeted almost exclusively predators. MME/Birdlife along with nature conservation organizations and concerned authorities managed to step up against it with success in several cases, thus its occurrence has been significantly reduced compared to the period of 2011-2013.