The project

Project name:

Conservation of the eastern imperial eagle by decreasing human-caused mortality in the Pannonian Region

Main objective

The main objective of the project PannonEagle Life is to increase the population of the eastern imperial eagle in the Pannonian Region through significantly decreasing the non-natural mortality caused by persecution incidents.


  • Decrease the direct adverse effects of persecution incidents on the Pannonian imperial eagle population
  • Increase the chance of detecting illegal activities and imposing precedent judgments in the case of bird persecution incidents.
  • Increase stakeholder awareness about the overestimated effect of raptor species on game populations and about alternative eagle-friendly game management methods.
  • Increase public awareness about the conservational importance of imperial eagles and about the possible consequences of persecution incidents


Basic information:

Project duration: 2016.10.01-2022.03.31

Total budget: 3 583 577 € (75% EU contribution)


Project partners:

Coordinating beneficiary:

BirdLife Hungary (MME)


Associated beneficiaries:

Kiskunsági Nationa Park Directorate, Hungary

Hortobágyi Nationa Park Directorate, Hungary

Vychodoslovenská distribucná a.s (VSD), Slovakia

Raptor Protection of Slovakia, Slovakia

Czech Society for Ornithology (CSO) – Czech Republic

Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic - Czech Republic

BirdLife Österreich – Austria

WWF Österreich - Austria

Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia – Serbia

Institute for Nature Conservation of Vojvodina Province - Serbia



Ministry of Agriculture, Hungary

Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management


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