News in the case of poisoning in Pobedím - Podolie

On 28/03/2020, 2020 dozens of baits (carcases probably poisoned), poisoned eggs, poisoned individuals of protected animals, foxes, cats, and martens, including 5 Common Buzzards were found  in the vicinity of the Podolie village in Slovakia.

Different stages of decomposition of dead animals indicate that poisoning has been occurring for a long time at the site. Environmental Crime Department of the Presidium of the Police Force, the Riverine Police, along with specially trained project dogs and police officers from the district and regional departments, as well as the State Nature Protection staff, took part in the search and securing of evidence. 5 voluntary nature guards also helped with the inspection on the crime scene that was about 1km2 . The social value of all found poisoned animals  exceeded 6500 EUR. The investigation of the case continues.