New nests for eagles

New nest for eagles


During the February 21st and 22nd 2020., members and volunteers from BirdLife Serbia (Bird Protection and Study Sociecty of Serbia) have choose two old oak trees, one poplar and one acacia tree to set up 4 new nesting platforms for eagles near the Special Nature Reserve "Pastures of the Great Bustard", at Novi Knezevac municipality, Serbia.

Setting up the platforms with members of BPSSS and volunteers (photo: Mirjana Rankov)

There is the only one known remaining breeding pair of Imperial Eagles in Serbia, nesting in the SNR "Pastures of the Great Bustard". With activities like this and already installed 3 nesting platforms in November 2018., making it 7 in total in this area we are hoping to raise the number of breeding pairs of the Imperial Eagles in Serbia in the near future.

The real challenge for the memebers from BPSSS was to find the proper tree for the platforms, because the nature suffered huge pressure due to intensive agriculture and illegal logging in the last 40 years, and the old trees like oak and poplar are almost impossible to find in the North-Banat region.

Approximately 120 years old oak tree cut off (photo: Mirjana Rankov)

Good news is that one of the platforms (from the first 3 that are set up) is already occupied by White-tailed Eagle pair, making this their second nesting season at that location.